Where We Have Topped Up Our LPG

One of the things a motorhome needs to live is LPG. It runs your hob, oven, fridge, and heating. An electric hookup can let you do without some of it but you still need it to cook.

This meant I needed to think about it before heading out on a longer trip as needless to say all countries around the EU are a bit different with their cylinder/fitting standards. This isn’t normally a problem because you can carry a month or so of gasm but for five months across multiple countries I needed something more than just carrying a few Calor bottles and hoping.

Queue….Gaslow….or presumably any of the other systems that do the same thing. This lets you fill up from an LPG pump at the petrol station and gets you out of the whole cycle of bottle swapping and fittings….or…at least hopefully it does….we’ll let you know in a few months.

There’ll be a blog post on the fitting but this is a map of where and when we’ve filled up with amounts an prices…in case that’s interesting for anyone…