Vans I Have Loved

A page for the vans that I’ve seen on our trip that make my head turn. I suspect this might be longer than it has a right to be.

Arto…the cute one.

Isn’t he lovely…Arto…he even has a cute name….I want Arto….not even to stay in or anything….just to cuddle!

Look at him…lovely.

Lyndi Explormobile….the butch one.

This thing looks like it would fight you. Perfect for the Sahara…or maybe the jungle…ooooh…or the Himalayas. So why the hell is it in South London???

What the?…well…we have a new “butch one”

The passive aggressive of low fiction homes.

The lost ones…how far from home?

Its not like the vans are so impressive…but from Japan??

Too butch….I give up.


The Serious Traveller

This thing looked like it had been on the road since the factory…awesome.

The Classic

This one’s for you Dad!

The Beautiful One

How can you not love this…on display at Autostadt.

Bonus Caravan Section
Caravans aren’t really something I’m a fan of, but there are some lovely classic ones about.


4×4 : The worst example I’ve seen but the only photo I have…I will find a better one.

QEK Junior – We saw a few of these in the east, they looked a bit like they were made of papier mache but there’s definitely some 70s style there!

Presumably East German, but the DDR sticker is quite funny since they weren’t really allowed to travel outside the country until the very end!