In Bruges

This will be the first of our actual travel posts…i’m fully expecting these to get less a) frequent and b) verbose as we go so I’ll apologise now.

On Sunday we left France and headed north into Belgium, we hadn’t booked anything as we’d seen there was a town style camperstop in Bruges and figured we’d give it a go. A swift hour or so on the road and we were there and into the camperstop. It was basically a carpark with big spaces, a few taps, and a drain for the loos..BUT…10 mins walk and you’re in the middle of Bruges for 25 EUR a night. Perfect.

I won’t wax lyrical about Bruges but it is rather nice. Highlights were:
– Anna getting excited EVERY time she saw a horse and trap (“I LOVE horses”)
– Waffles and or chocolates…say no more.
– Bike lanes…why are we so crap at this in the UK?
– All four of us riding round the river path and finding all manner of bridges and windmills.

We screwed up our departure time on the Monday (enjoying our ride too much) and ended up staying the whole afternoon. Rather than staying over night, which we maybe should have done, we thought we’d forge ahead to Holland. It turned out to be a bit fun, which is one for the next post.

One last thing, a shout out to the Hamiltons who we met just before we left Bruges who are just embarking on a year of adventures that makes our trip look like a week in Bognor!…go go go! :O)

Can you see Colin Farrell at the top?
We MAY have had some of these…MAY!
Feels like we’re cheating having windmills before Holland!
The Swedes next to us were very happy to be next to a fellow Burstner. Here you can see the size of the spaces. Just before we left we had people both sides and it was tight.
And he’s off…Aidan loved the cycle lanes….a lot.
Anna has developed a massive love of horses after watching all the traps running around the town. I quote “When there are horses, I am happy…when there aren’t horses…I AM SAD!”
Lounging on one of the banks near Minnewater park….Bruges seemed to be full of people just chilling out…I want to be one of them.

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