Leaving and Leaving Again

Yet another crazy couple of days.

Thursday was leaving London with packing the van up (and emptying that toilet) and finally finishing the last of the house sprucing. I also had to pilot the van onto our street which wasn’t anywhere as bad as I thought.

New house meets old house.

After that we finally did the final run across the the south circular to the M20 and headed off to Keith and Linda’s for our last night in a proper bed for a few months. Which was lovely 🙂

Friday was actually leaving the UK, the big day we’d been building up to for months. We got up and packed the final washing and stuff into the van. Including a lovely new fold up table…thanks K&L! Then we were off Dover bound.

The one with all our faces…but us all looking a bit confused!.

Predictably the kids loved the ferry and all the driving on and off and in and out. There were some sights but all was good. We got off the other side and I remembered to “DRIVE ON THE RIGHT”…so all good!

Waiting for immigration, having a kitchen for sarnies right there is awesome.
To hell with the slow lane….i’m in the camper lane.
Our van in the belly of the ferry.
Maybe the best P&O advert in the world.

Now we’re about to turn in on a lovely campsite and our first continental stop at Château du Gandspette. Everything you’d want in a french campsite, swimming pools, playground, table tennis, and a cafe serving frites!

We got the awning/sunshade thing up….it’s quite good :O)

So on our rather long winded “Grand Depart” we’ve finally departed….eep!


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  1. I love driving on and off the ferries, and the motorhome queue is always fun. Usually the same types of van – the big one, the shiny one, the very scruffy small one covered in stickers, the restored VW campervan. I will keep an eye out now for a new category of the one with very excited kids (and adults) heading off for a long tour.

    1. :O)….we had exactly that…there was a lovely blue bay window…and a pretty cool 80s motorhome, all angles. Driving on was really pretty simple. Last time I did it I was in the old mk3 golf gti which although AWESOME did have a dicky handbrake and suspect clutch which was a concern when they made me go up a very very steep ramp and stop halfway up. This time is was straight on and park…the cars had to do all the hard work.

  2. Hi guys, found your blog after we met in Bruges and had to chuckle-our first stop was also in Chateau Gandspette! We’ve been there a few times either side of the ferry/tunnel so thought it a good first stop. We’re now in The Netherlands, a few miles south of Dordrecht, and plan to be here, heading up the coast probably, for maybe a week before moving into Germany. Still haven’t set up a blog, but you should be able to see where we are on Twitter @HamsAbroad or you can email me at stevenhamilton@hotmail.com it would be good to see you on the road again!

    Steve, Sinead, Flynn and Edie.

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