Keeping the kids in bed

Lets be frank. Most of these motorhome things are built, not for families, but for people who’s kids have flown the nest and finally have freedom to use them. This means things like, falling out of bed aren’t usually considered as the target customer has a good bit of experience NOT falling out of bed.

My kids on the other hand…could well fall out of bed!

Aidan and Anna use the bed at the back of the van and there’s a gap of about a metre and a bit without anything to stop them falling out. We’ve been propping the ladder from our bed up there so far but it’s a bit annoying and we were hoping to leave it behind as it’s big an heavy.

Cue, Matt and his amateur woodwork!

Iron bars might have been better but my metalworking tools are in storage so maybe we’ll just live with something to stop them falling out of bed ;O)

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