Back to the scene of the crime

Back in the smoke for a few days to tidy up loose ends. Unsurprisingly not as gangster as it would sound. We have to do a few things:
– Sort out the last bits on the house…painting, cleaning, and the get rid/pack up the last of the frankly scary amount of stuff we seem to own.
– Catch up with a few peeps.
– Get our teeth checked, Aidan and me (and in my case get them sorted…ouch!)
– Mini appt for Anna at Kings…nothing serious…no need for alarm.

This means we’re staying at the caravan club site in Crystal Palace and it’s been quite fun. Mostly running around and sorting stuff but also:
– Visiting Penge for Homebase…Long Live Penge (Looking at you Jon)
– Exploring Crystal Palace Park, which I’ve always thought as a bit scrappy but is actually quite nice!
– Having Sam and Sarah over…woop…thanks for coming! Our first van visitors…oh and thank you for Dobble!!
– Living in the van during a deluge…it’s tipped for a day and half…just drying out now thank goodness.

Tomorrow we move on to visit Jayne’s Mum and Dad which will be really nice, but it’s been pretty pleasant being here finishing off the last jobs before we cut loose. :O)

In our city spot, first time on the wedges as the kids would’ve fallen out of bed if I hadn’t.
Dulwich Woods….oh Dulwich Woods. You’ve been our little bit of woodland in South London for so long…we’re only gone for a few months…try not to have flats built on your while we’re away!
Out of the bedroom sky light hatch thing in the rain…Blade runner reboot eat your heart out.

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