I went down to Becks at Rollesby at the beginning of August and had two Gaslow refillable cylinders fitted. That should give me six weeks or so of gas and should be refillable as we go which should stop my panicking about how much gas we have left when we go to Europe. Normally after four weeks with the two 6kg cylinders I’m worrying whether it will last long enough to get us back. The system seems to be working fine for Matt, he has filled up a couple of times I think.


So, we have just had our first jag. Rabies and typhoid. Two more appointments for further rabies. We are having them well in advance. They will last us 10 years apparently.

Next year’s walking holiday.

So, we have booked our Inntravel walking holiday for next year. It is a walk in the foothills of the Himalayas. Wendy is coming with us as usual. What they say about it is:

In the foothills of the towering, snow-capped Himalayas, not far from the borders with Nepal and Tibet, lies a hidden India of small traditional villages, deep wooded valleys and high, wide ridges affording spectacular views of Nanda Devi and other majestic mountain peaks. This unique Village Ways’ holiday allows you to explore the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary in the remote Kumaon Hills while staying in authentic village houses. This is a region where local people work the land in harmony with nature, and where you will encounter a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Above all, you are able to relax into a simpler and slower-paced rhythm of life – a feeling you will find hard to relinquish at the end of your stay.

We are going to stay for an extra day in Delhi at the end of the walk.

Sounds good.